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Information Security: Fighting Computer Crimes

Date: February 25, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

"X-print" publication agency issued book of Dr. Vladimir A. Golubev, founder and Director of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC, Zaporozhye, Ukraine) "Information Security: Fighting Computer Crimes", 336 pages.

Onrush of information technologies and the international computer networks (as integral part of modern international financial and bank activity) has created preconditions for perpetration of criminal acts both inside the country, and at the international level. Such crimes have received the name "computercrimes" or "cybercrimes". Absence of effective ways on computer crimes fighting threatens reliable protection of constitutional laws, freedom, and national defense. In monography V.Golubev devotes researches to the critical problems of Information Security and Cybercrime Fighting.
Monography is recommended for students, post-graduate students and teachers of Higher Education of Law and law enforcement bodies. The book enables to learn new direction of information safety - cybercrimes counteraction.

This is a guideline for lawyers, students, post-graduate students, law enforcement institutions' employees and also all others who take keen interest in problems of investigating computer crimes committed in computer related field.

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