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Computer-related crimes grew

Date: December 24, 2006

The rise in computer use has spawned an increase in computer-related crime in the county, making Internet sex crimes one of the top stories in 2006.

Computer-related crime cases grew from three in 2004 to 11 in 2005, according to Fishers Police Sgt. David Kimm, who compiled the countywide statistics. The 2006 data isn't available, but Kimm does not expect the numbers to double as predicted in April by county Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp.

Six men were arrested in northern Hamilton County this year and charged with child solicitation after trying to meet undercover police officers posing as teenage girls in Internet chat rooms.

Computer crime also has involved pornography, financial crimes, intimidation, threats to life and narcotics, but the biggest spike over the last two years has been child-solicitation cases.
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