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Police arrests cyber terrorists

Date: August 24, 2006
Source: THE AGE
By: Mark Forbes

Indonesian police claim to have arrested two men who helped imprisoned Bali bomber Imam Samudra to use the internet to raise funds for more terrorist attacks.

Samudra used a notebook computer connected to the internet from his prison cell to urge others to carry out terrorist acts, police say. The computer was provided by two alleged "cyber-terrorists", they claim. Police uncovered a large number of communications in the lead-up to the second Bali bombings last October.

Agung Prabowo and Agung Seyadi also allegedly helped to establish a website last year giving detailed instructions on killing foreigners in Jakarta. Both were arrested last week.
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2007-01-23 12:31:33 - I was so shock to known that Agung Prabowo... Arijeti Sundari Prabowo
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