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Discussion : Lottery scam warning

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2010-03-06 16:55:22 -
why do papers print lies??
its my aunty !
she knew it was fake and she hadnt even bought a lottery ticket from abroad!
what a load of FUCKING SHIT that weston mercury wrote!!

2008-09-30 05:49:38 -
I win

2008-07-16 11:20:35 -
I came home today to find a letter from the Mundi International Lottery Board informing me that I have won 815,000.00 euros through the Microsoft International Program. All I have to do is fax my details to Ocaso Security & Finance Company. Obviously a scam, why would a winner of so much money be notified by a photocopy ?? Nice Try!! Still scamming.....

2008-06-06 19:52:26 - Kendra
Once again it appears that they have tried to obtain info from my father from Spain stating he has won one million dollars in which an "AGENT" is entitled to 6% the funny thing is they don't even have a valid contact outlit for you to respond to such as the fax or the alleged e-mail they give. They have even expressed how would you like to receive the funds, by check, pickup, or of course thru your bank account#. I guess the question here would be how do we stop them from harrassing us using our private information?

2008-04-17 08:00:42 - Fiona
I too received a Euro Millions lottery scam letter today. Sent from La Primitiva Europea in Madrid, Spain. Although the stamped envelope (not franked?) was post marked Malaga.

Of course it asked me not to tell anyone and to fax them my bank account details and other personal details straight away!

I haven't even been to Spain for 2 years and although only moved house a few months ago, they had my correct address and middle names too !!

Total 5 comments
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