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Intellect under protection

Date: February 24, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

State Department of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property and Law Institute and Judges Academy of Ukraine of State Judicial Administration concluded an agreement on cooperation. State Department Chairman Nikolai Paladiy, rector of the Institute Vladimir Parhomenko and rector of Judges Academy Irina Voituck signed the agreement.

Affairs in intellectual property field are more often considered by general courts. In this view, there is expediency in training and raising the level of skills programs in field of intellectual property for judges of not only specialized courts, but also for judges of general jurisdiction. Framework of this agreement assumes getting second higher education degree on "Intellectual property".

Intellectual Property and Law Institute has certain experience in cooperating with other state authorities on training and raising the level of skills of law enforcement and control authorities' employees engaged in intellectual property field. In particular, training of professional experts in estimation of intellectual property rights is carried out according to the agreement with State Property Fund. Judges are next in turn.

Issues of protecting intellectual property are rather specific, complicated, some people regard them to be rather virtual, Nikolai Paladiy said. However everyone recognizes them: system of intellectual property is getting great importance in all countries, work on creation of International Patent Court is on the run. Signing of the treaty will create opportunity not only for present judges, but also for students to build their future career in system of protecting intellectual property. Also it will create proper safety of their rights in this field.

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