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Discussion : Yushchenko promises to lead democratic Ukraine

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2005-09-17 15:47:52 -
Thank you very much!

2005-08-25 18:28:46 -
good page

2005-02-25 22:03:09 -
It is very good news for everyone, not only in Ukraine but around the world.

Still, there will be no Prosperity or Democracy for a small number of artists who want to depict the naked Truth about the beauty of "underaged" girls in works of photographic art. No voice for them. Peace for people, but not Peace for all Truths - only the peace which comes from silencing the dissenting voice to kill that one offensive Truth. Call their work a "symptom of corruption", but corruption allows freedom to be purchased for an expression of the Truth.

Now Ukraine will be the equal of all free and democratic countries. But, as the newest free democracy on the planet it could be the best, with a more honest and free democracy than those other countries; or it's democracy could be just as flawed as those other countries', following the path they have all trod instead of leading the way to Freedom. Shame about that.

By the way, I don't know what I am talking about.

Total 3 comments
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