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Poker-online website infected with a trojan computer virus

Date: December 23, 2006
By: John Caldwell

The sheer number of sites dedicated to poker on the internet these days boggles the mind. I'm sure I'm wrong, but other than, um, 'adult' websites – I would imagine sites dedicated to poker are as plentiful as anything on the web.

Every possible tool that a poker player could want to improve their game, or bankroll management is available from any number of sites, most times for free.

It would be easy for most players to cruise through their daily online existences, and make use of any of these tools, and not think twice about it.

But, players do need to think twice. It was discovered recently that a calculator tool that was available for use on poker site had a secret utility built into it that would steal users online poker login information, and transmit the information back to the utilities creator. This utility used something called a rootkit driver, which enabled the operation to occur undetected by the user, and does not show itself when using the calculator.
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