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2006-06-11 04:22:11 -
I have listed a computer on ebay six times in an attempt to sell it. I have had, what i believe to be THE SAME INDIVIDUAL attempt to defraud me SIX TIMES by hacking into other people's accounts, placing the winning bid on my item, and then attempting to get me to ship it to Nigeria. He is a fraud. He has hacked into the following accounts on ebay:
his actual name that he gave me for shipping purposes is: Papy Kelly address: #11 Fagbemi Street Abimbola Odo-Ona City: Ibadan State: Oyo-State Country: Nigeria 23402

2006-05-06 09:30:48 -
Mr Price
Dear Price
Quite a long time.I wanted us to do business together quickly last year but unfortunately you did not seem to be convinced due to the fact that you were to help spend some money for the transfer expenses. I had a very serious accident in December that put me in hospital bed for long time., i had a broken leg that was close to amputation but God made it heal with time, i just returned from hospital recentlyThank God for saving my life and i am fine now.
Do bear in mind that i am a dedicated christian and will never do anything that is not real with my fellow human being.It is not your duty to spend money but it is because i was not able to arrange the money here that was why you were asked to help in the expenses.Now i have a solution and it will prove to you that i was not lying as you thought before.
There is someone owing my husband in Canada to the tune of two hundred thousand dollars.I have been in touch with him and he has agreed to raise a check for more than half of the money.Canadian checks take a long time to clear here, up to one month and sometimes three months so i will like you to receive the check and when it clears there, you will directed on where to remit the money for the expenses here in order to have the fund transfered to your account.
Kindly give your full bank detail , your full names and address, phone and fax number to enable him use in writing the check as i have lost some information in my email box.
God bless you
Mrs Jessica

2006-05-06 09:28:57 -
Dear Cedric E. Price,
Thank you for your response and acceptance of my letter, which gave me much joy.
Before we proceed on this transaction.please i want this deal to be absolutely confindential and sheer trust,because i am one of the son of the former President of Liberia, Mr Charles Taylor,I would not like to expose myself to the public, inorder not to be probe.I am presently on exil after the united state of America government asked my father to resign, because of his misconduct and misappropriate of public funds.
Presently, he is facing war crime charge in Serria Leone.
The money $10million usd. was deposited i security vault account in Europe and evidence of this fund exists for your confirmation.This you will discover when we commence the transaction.
I will make arrangement how the money will be transfer to you in your country upon your agreement.
To start with, i will need your full name and contact address to prepare the vital documents/Power of Attorney which i will forward to you, which you will use to claim the consignment $10million usd. as my business partner/beneficiary of the consignment in their custody in Europe.
but mind you the security vault company does not know the content of the consignment, because i registered it on the day of deposits as family treasures, under diplomatic immunity of my father influence during his reigned as president.
I will need Your brief profile, private tel. and fax numbers and what you intent to invest into, on my behalf..
Thank for your cooperation.Treat as matter of urgency.
Zuna Taylor.

2006-04-01 12:30:02 -
The scam letters are getting more sophisticated. Here's part of one I got today, apparently the same one as Rodrigo Sevilla below. My message, which I scanned, but did not open, did not mention any sums of money, but note the mistakes in punctuation and spelling - a warning sign of a possible, partially literate, scammer:

"Robert Vinne Industrial Co Ltd. 155 king CrescentManchester, M24LZUNITED
Dear Sir/Madam, We are exporters based in the United Kingdom, we export raw materials, such as Calcite, Barytes, Manganese Dioxide Dolomite, Mica China Clay,MangneseDioxide,Ferrous(Iron ) Oxide,Paints, Rubber, Plastics,Construction chemicals and we import from Asia and export into Europe,America and Australia."

2006-01-20 22:47:43 -
Steer clear of a Job Scam with Robert & Vinne Industrial Co. Ltd. UK I feel I am a victim and received a check for $60,000 written out to me and no return address but i was supposed to be a rep for this ocmpoany and collect monies from their clients and bring in new buisness. they are on the Scam a rama for many things and i did not know what to do with this check and took it to a bank and opened an acct and i do not know what to do with this (it is probably ocunterfiet but in case it soes not belong to me and i do not want it . What should I do? I have contacted several fraud agencies incl FBI

2005-12-06 13:57:38 -
We have had two orders from Lagos, Nigeria and the UK for hundreds of music CDs we sell. The people said they needed these quickly to fill orders. They would send me a cashier's check that I was to deduct the cost plus shipping of the CDs and send the remainder back to them. It seemed an odd way of doing business but anxious to get into the European markets we complied with the strange financial arrangements but stated we would not ship until the checks cleared. They were satisfied with this. Dec 5th this year we received one check for $8,500.82 to pay for a $455 shipment. The amount was so high and the Cashiers check was odd looking that we called the Wells Fargo West bank listed on the check and gave the numbers from the check. We were told the check was phoney, that the first three digits of the account number was being used in a Nigerian business scam, and not to negotiate the check. We wrote back to the scammer and told him that the check was no good and therefore could not ship the CDs he wanted. We were polite in our reply. We are still waiting for the check from the second person but now we believe this is also a scam.
My advice to businesses who get checks from unknown sources contact the bank upon which the check was issued to certify its authenticity. Or have their local bank send the check for collection. In this manner, the local bank will know if the check is real or phoney and the business owner will not be scammed.
We should have realized that getting a check for an amount much greater than the actual cost of the product is a scam. At least now we know.
If you would like to get a copy of the check or emails we sent and received, contact me at the email listed. We sent copies of all this to the area newspapers, police and FBI. Our small town in NH paper is doing a story to warn our local businesses about the scam.

2005-10-11 17:00:19 -
I was recived e-mail from
and he is a citizen of Sierra Leone, elder son to the
Minister of Mines and Energy who was killed during the war rebels.He want to invest the $22 Million USD to my country.but why me?

2005-08-27 21:37:43 -
I belonged to a website American Singles. I was contacted by a guy (very nice looking) if it is truly him. Has three pictures. Seemed very nice, getting to know each other he began to ask about money. That is wrong, he gave me a phone number and the country was Nigeria, he told me he was from London. Then retracted he gave wrong number. We as americans are to trusting and want to believe in people I still don't know if this guy is legit but everyone be aware

2005-08-23 17:33:41 -
Two weeks ago I received an e- mail from a lady claiming to be based in washington DC seeking a genuine relationship from a man.After a response to the mail indicating my interest, the next mail I received from the so called lady(name with-held) posing as an imigration/recruitment agent from the US, advising me to form a group of beneficiary with a token fee of $115 each for international passport.It was quite amazing how in less than 6hrs, the theme of discussion changed from love to immigration to forming a group of beneficiary to paying of money.PLEASE BE AWARE OF INTERNET FRAUDSTERS!

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