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Discussion : Microsoft team Nigeria to fight cybercrime

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2006-10-25 11:25:05 -
Am very impressed with your good and commited work in eradicating corruption in nigeria. u guys have really done very well and am proud that al least something good is coming out of this country where corruption is the order of the day.

more grease to ur elbows guys.

keep up the good work

2006-08-17 08:57:48 -
I am presently working on the issue cybercrime and it application to the nigerian legal system. If anyone has a useful information. Do let me know.

2006-05-09 11:25:27 -
what is the latest archievements of efcc in nigeria to cyber crime.

2005-10-27 12:40:31 -
kudos to u all keep d flagflying!

2005-10-22 12:39:05 -

Total 5 comments
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