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Discussion : Funny scholar steals mailboxes

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2006-06-18 10:13:13 -
The determination:

2006-06-07 18:22:35 -
Today it was judged by the Brazilian justice the determination that Google and Yahoo have to withdraw the name of the student from their research sites. See the decision:

As this student lawyer, I have to ask you to withdraw his name from this site. I thank you for your prompt attention.

JosÚ Carlos de Ara˙jo Almeida Filho, Ms

2005-09-19 17:46:54 -
Mr Robson Pacheco Pereira has written to us denying this article about him, which was also carried on our website. Is anyone able to supply more info about this article?

2005-07-26 03:34:53 -
can we see the sexy pictures

Total 4 comments
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