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Discussion : Microsoft launches cybercrime center

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2010-07-06 00:28:55 -
oh now they do something. 2 years ago I reported my estranged husband who is also a mirosoft partner and was a trainer for them. I bet I called them no less than 100 times do to hacking, terrorizing & harrasing me. They kept asking me to provide the privet Security information they had on file for my husband knowing I wouldn't be able to provide it. They said without it they couldn't investigate. How ironic is that?
Maybe it is time to hold MS accountable! Thank God for phone records.

2010-06-22 16:42:16 -
So uhhh, all they could come up with was IFAG? Doesn't anyone look at the acronym before signing the charter? Geez.

Total 2 comments
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