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Sex, drugs and ... computer crime

Date: March 22, 2007

Police said that a cybercrime investigation Wednesday led them to a stash of drugs, cash and an illegal weapon.

Officials said they found cocaine worth more than $5,000 during the course of an unrelated computer crime investigation in Manchester.

"The suspect is under investigation for computer-related crimes, and a search warrant was executed to uncover those activities," Sgt. Maureen Tessier said. "However, when we executed that search warrant, we were able to locate a number of other items that were indicative of criminal activity."

Juan Castaner II, 22, was arrested at his East High Street apartment. Police seized his computer and then found the drugs, investigators said. Police said they also found an illegal weapon, a small amount of marijuana and $1,000 in cash.

"Officers had located a firearm where the serial number had been filed off," Tessier said. "Officers also located some cocaine with a $5,000 street value."
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