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Japan Declared A Cyberwar Against S. Korea

Date: March 22, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

South Korea issued a cyber terrorism warning Sunday for its overseas
diplomatic missions after the Foreign Ministry's Internet website was
attacked by a hacker.

The Internet homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was
down for hours on March 20, following an attack by a suspected
Japanese hacker, a ministry official said, speaking on condition of

The attack affected the homepage only, and no sensitive information
was leaked, the official said.

The Foreign Ministry, joined by telecommunications authorities, has
formed a task force to investigate the incident and prevent a
recurrence of similar attacks, he said.

The attack occurred as South Korea and Japan are engulfed in a
territorial row over Tokto, a group of islets controlled by Seoul,
which is also claimed by Tokyo. The islets in the East Sea, or the Sea
of Japan, is called Takeshima in Japan.

Tensions rose sharply after a Japanese prefecture legislature adopted
``Takeshima Day'' on its calendar last week to boost its claim to the
islets. Japan's central government refused to intervene.

Japan ruled the Korean Peninsula as a colony from 1910-45

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