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Discussion : Warning! Online coupon fraud

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2010-01-19 12:01:11 - US Victim
The internet is a cess pool of FRAUD! Just wanted to vent that....Coupon websites are just another way to get your personal information to be used against you!
The so called "customer comments" or bloggers on sites are bogus. It is just someone being paid per comment for the websites product or service...just search for at home jobs....check into a few and they are very disturbingly vague of your actual job description until you are hired. Be careful! Greed will be our own demise!

2007-02-22 20:43:24 - Stanley
Instead of purchasing coupons from unknown sources, it is better to search coupon codes that can deduct portion of purchasing price. A good way is to search for coupons that have been verified by many people on the Internet, therefore less chance of fraudulent coupons. The site that I use most often is, it highlights deal and coupons from big vendors and reputable bargain sites.

Total 2 comments
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