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Discussion : Legalweek: Law On Cyber Crime Overdue

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2010-01-11 10:26:50 -
hackers are bad

2005-03-17 19:22:24 -
what would be the case where a hacker breaks into you computer and "steals"information?in the traditional sence of theft,nothing has been moved.your information is still in your computer but a copy of it exists in a different location to be used or misused in any manner.should you report the police will be hanicapped by the fact that nothing is missing.Yet you are agrived.
Again take a case where somebody somehow gets details of your mobile phone top-up credit card and uses your air time " stealing" your time.under what law does he punished under?
when you come to think about all this ,the inadequecy of the kenyan law in its present form,makes the case of a law to deal specifically with cyber crime more urgent.l hate to think what will happen when these crimes start demanding that action be taken against offenders.we will look like real jackasses.

Total 2 comments
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