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Discussion : UK hacker Gary McKinnon's extradition (briefly) delayed

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2009-02-10 14:39:27 -
Gary I don’t understand why you call yourself solo…doesn’t that mean one? Daddy knows exactly what you were looking for and he is not happy with you costing all this money to the US and England with your lies. Nice try with the Asperger’s though…well not really. F with the US and get what’s coming to you…you are guilty and you need to be made an example of or the next thing you know the Chinese might think we are fair game and try it…oh I know their trying, but there are many people keeping tabs you just don’t see us…tell your UFO stories to your cell mates. 70 years is really not that bad, GITMO’s closed and so it will just be you and your wives. They will listen to your UFO BS but I'm sick of this circus. Give it up G and start spitting the truth or I will…I h8 hackers more than I do your story. It is 2/10/2009 you have 2 days. 2l84u2c

2009-01-22 13:59:04 -
I am so tired of hearing all of the sniveling about what may happen to this criminal. Whether he is mentally handicapped or not he caused damage to computer networks that were not his and he did not have permission to be in them. If he is locked in a cell he will probably not cause more damage and he may learn a lesson. Mr. McKinnon's defense that he was looking for evidence of UFO's proves he may be an idiot but does not prove he should not be held accountable for his actions.

Total 2 comments
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