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Discussion : Cyber crime against women discussed

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2007-06-28 03:45:58 -
Dear Sir,

I got married 9 years back and have a handicap child.Since I got maried my husband and his brother and mother are harassing and torturing me.They are abusing me all the time and treating me like animal.They have brutally beaten me many times and in front of their friends and relatives too.They have no fear from law and always told me that they can buy anyone.

They are asking me for bringing money from my parents .Few times I already fulfilled my husbands requirement by brining money from my parents,but still they are asking me for the same .

They throw me out of the house at night and ask me to leave his house.On 16/06/2007 ,my husband,his mother and his brother have brutally beaten me and even broken my hand and thrown me out of their house.

While my stay their at my husbands place they used to give electric shock and always ask me to bring money from my parents .Now even my parents don't have much money left and can't afford more.
Now they have thrown me out of their house.

My husbands address is :
3 Nanak Enclave,Radio Colony,Kingsway Camp,Delhi-9

Now I need justice and my husband and his mother and brother should be punished.

Please help me asap .

Pratibha Sharma
65-B/1,Manoj Bhawan,
Gautam Nagar,
New Delhi-110049

Total 1 comments
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