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Discussion : 12 now charged in porn ring

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2010-08-22 23:54:16 - Annabelle Lee
Wow. After all these years . . . you grew more evil. What a shame. Plenty of time to think on it now.

2010-08-04 03:19:38 - Victim
William Martin you ruined my life, i still have nightmares to this day, I hope they forget to know your in prison and leave you to starve while getting raped you piece of sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-07-09 23:22:20 - A Victim of the POS
I hope you rot in jail you bastard.

2007-12-22 22:19:24 - Kurt Hater
Merry Christmas to all the children out there who don't have to worry because a pervert like you is behind bars.

2007-08-22 22:53:14 - Victim
I hope your mother was dead by the time this came down so she didn't have to see what a pervert she raised. Adopted child of a rape victim, your perversion must be hereditary.

2007-08-22 22:49:49 - An Old Friend
Yeah, I hope they put it to you up the ass several times daily so that you'll be wearing a colostomy bag before too long, you perverted sorry excuse for a human being. Kurt, please do the world a favor and commit suicide.

2007-08-08 18:42:58 - Update
The POS is now in a South Carolina federal prison. The local prison thugs know what he's there for - not good if you're Kurt. Hopefully it won't be too long before vigilante justice shows itself.

2007-02-16 11:56:48 -
i hope you suffer and someone bends you over every day you bastard . My son was one of your victims Chuck Burt

2005-12-01 20:11:40 - your fate
See ya'. You bastard. I hope you have a fun lifetime of getting ass raped and solitary confinement.

2005-08-03 04:56:08 - another victim
Good riddance.

2005-03-29 18:24:33 - A Former Acquaintance
I knew he'd strike again. Thank God he's not in Maryland anymore and I'm overjoyed he's behind bars.

2005-03-29 04:54:35 - a victim
I hope Kurt Sandvig gets locked up for life.

Total 12 comments
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