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Russia: computer crimes are growing, police is decreasing

Date: February 21, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Vladimir Golubev

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the number of high tech crimes doubled in 2003 year and came over 11 thousand of filed cases. High rates of growth in high technology field crimes show that criminals quickly adapt to new means of committing malicious actions.

Unauthorized access to information systems, distribution of pirated software, attacks on computer systems or networks of financial institutions are among the most spread, officials of the Ministry note.

Russian hackers prefer last kind of computer crimes the most. Objects of such attacks are various financial institutions: banks, investment companies, etc. Appearance of Novarg/MyDoom is the confirmation of homeland hackers' activity. Almost all experts blame exactly Russian hackers for its development. Epidemic was planned so that "virus assault" would affect as more as possible computers all over the world.

However, complicated criminogenic situation, including cyber crime rise, is entailed with serious structural changes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. State Duma is considering the draft of new Law Enforcement Activity in the Russian Federation Act.

In case of its adoption the Ministry will cease to exist and will be divided into four separate independent state authorities:

1. Federal Criminal Police Service. It will embody current specialized inquiry departments on criminal search, economical and tax crimes, illegal drugs turnover, organized crime and corruption, other operational and operational-technical units.

2. Federal Investigation Service. It is Investigatory Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its local divisions (investigatory offices, departments and local police stations).

3. National Guards. Present active armed forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are supposed to be engaged in local conflicts (wars) on the territory of the Russian Federation and support of constitutional order.

4. Local Police. It is police keeping public safety, financed at the expense of local budget funds of territorial administrative units of the Russian Federation (local administrations of republics, territories, regions).

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