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Xmas early this year for cyber criminals

Date: September 20, 2007
By: Bernhard Warner

In the coming weeks we will no doubt see the first volley of breathless predictions for the Christmas 2007 online shopping season. Even with fears of a recession bubbling up in the United States, a run on bank deposits in the UK, and anxious Europeans looking on, the e-commerce market this holiday season has only one place to go: up.

At some point, the year-on-year growth will cease. But not now. It’s still too early. High street retailers ought to be fretting. Their online rivals are much more recession-proof, simply because e-tailers’ customer base is much more affluent, and therefore less vulnerable to the sub-prime fallout or overdraft penalties. If overall retail sales are down this year, it won’t be the e-tailers suffering.
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