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Discussion : Celebrity's nude photos stolen by hacker

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2007-07-28 11:38:46 -
So what?
If anybody is silly enough to believe that it is safe to have anything embarrassing on their pC, they deserve to be hacked.
I encrypt such things running gnuPGP from a USB drive and even this isn't safe as a keyboard sniffer ( I have several, one of which I wrote for Windows!!!!) will get the very long passphrase.
In factthe longer and more obscure the easier it is to find with the sniffer which in windoze hids the information on a windows system .dll file

something like aazyd1937vdyikdlfg:iz>ljznnzg>ftn is so obviously a password or a passphrase that you don't ev
en have the problem of which password goes with which program.
Nothing on a computer is safe. I do data recovery myself, usually its very simple to grab everything.

2007-07-22 07:43:31 - reader
ill b looking forward to seeing these lol!

Total 2 comments
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