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Discussion : U.S. agencies unprepared to fight hackers

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2005-07-08 02:41:51 -
Interesting comments, but I think perhaps you are not in or of the US, yes?

While I am a US citizen I have to agree with you that the United States is not what it use to be. What country is? Only those the do not progress and change.

I think you underestimate the US, which is fine. You are not aware of the efforts that are being taken to reduce or eliminate fraud and cybercrime. The country is large and so is sometimes a little slow to react, but when it does, well let me just say that cybercrime does not have what I would describe as "job security".

One new method we have to fight this crime can be seen at The inexpensive technology allows web sites to quickly and easily verify a customer's phone number.

2005-06-27 23:54:10 -
The United States has sent industry outside of its borders, the students going to collage are from outside its borders, most of the hackers are from outside its borders,what do you expect there is no talent left in America,only fat cats getting rich off there imported products.The United States is not what it use too be.

Total 2 comments
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