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Computer crime led to arrest

Date: March 20, 2007

A woman recently surprised a burglar ransacking the garage of her Bermuda Dunes home while her two young children slept. She tried to escape, but he tied her up, sexually assaulted her and finished robbing the house, authorities said.

Afterward, Jillian Frisby, a forensic technician with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, helped the woman recreate the face of her attacker, complete with a glint in his eye and each bristle of a dark buzz cut. The photo-like image helped lead to a suspect's arrest early this month.

Frisby and other techs at the department's Indio Station are trying out a new tool, the latest version of a computer program called Faces 4.0. The technology enables non-artists to patch together suspect composites from a bank of about 5,000 photographed facial features, producing an image quicker than pad-and-pencil sketch artists, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Juan Zamora.
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