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Ukraine: child porn case

Date: March 20, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

A criminal suit was filed against a local man of Ternopol, Ukraine, who allegedly produced and distributed porn and child porn, a clipping service of Ternopol regional police department informed.

The malefactor was detained by officers of Economic crime police department when he sold eight compact discs containing child porn. After a search, police seized more than 300 movies with pornography as experts established, Unian information agency informs.

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Policemen also seized a catalogue of porn movies, a PC, a satellite receiver, a tuner and other equipment that helped the detainee to replicate the movies.

Police found that the criminal cracked pin-codes of satellite porn channels, then grabbed movies to the computer and burned discs. Afterwards he printed original covers and sold his works for $0,8. Due to such a low price, his movies were popular, some people even bought complete lots. Investigators still are to find out how much the criminal earned on his masterpieces.

Besides, police informed that the criminal is up to 5 years of jail for producing and distributing of porn movies.

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