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NJ Fights Cyber Crime

Date: February 20, 2004
Source: Action News

All around the world people face cyber crime and computer crime. They became a critical problem of present day's infrastructure security. In order to counteract such offences, governments take initiatives creating special units, labs and departments on fighting computer crime.

February 19, 2004 - Law enforcement officials in New Jersey are cracking down on computer crime.

The FBI has selected the state as one of only two sites on the east coast to house a high tech laboratory where agencies will work together fighting cyber crime.

"Computers offer an enormous opportunity for persons to commit crime."
Mindful of the explosion of computer crime from child pornography and identity theft to hacking and spreading viruses, state and federal law enforcement officials have announce they're joining forces and will work together at a new lab devoted entirely to analyzing computer evidence.

Tom Angle/FBI:
"We take your evidence, your digital media, and convert it into something you can look at."
It's called the Regional Forensic Computer Lab located at the new State Police Technology Center in Hamilton and from here highly trained examiners from various agencies will help investigators trying to crack computer crimes.

Elizabeth Rincon/NJ STATE POLICE:
"Recover any type of data that's involving a type of crime. Child pornography--any type of image, any emails."

Tpr. Denman Powers/NJ STATE POLICE:
"We're able to essentially search the hardware as if it was a residence, so somebody who was searching would go one room at a time."
[audio ct] With the computers, they'll be searching hard drives, floppy discs and CD Roms that are seized.

Brian Halpin/FBI:
"After we make an image we use other forensic tools to make it readable for an investigator to look at spread sheets, documents, pictures."
And officials say the expertise of the examiners will be made available to police departments all over the state.

"Every local PD, every prosecutors office-whenever they seize a computer or need some forensic analysis done to send it down here to the lab."
The FBI is spending 2.2 million dollars to construct the lab, which is expected to be completed this summer.
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