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Discussion : SMS spoofing

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2005-05-17 10:49:42 -
hello sir,
i have once given a presentation on sms spoofing but wana know more bout this crime.that time there was no way to save urselves from being a victim.have u found out some way out to protect urselves.if so i'll b really obliged if u provide me with this imformation.

2005-02-21 22:42:15 -

2005-02-02 19:24:58 -
I am making a project on SMS Spoofing. I have SMS Spoof but what else I require and how to proceed.

2005-01-09 15:54:16 -
A great technique.I would like to know more about it like how it is done? how it is configured with net and all the stuff?

2004-09-08 09:41:25 - Denis Pankratov
Here is full story|interview :

We've mentioned Open Source tool – “SMS spoof” for Palm
and Clickatell Messenger Pro . It's a real programs that you can
download for free.

Sure, there are many others.

2004-09-07 21:37:28 -
thats ok but i wanna know the process how this can be made possible, or the code to make this type of program. or any example. you can mail me at above mentioned emai id.
good day. it was nice to read the content..

2004-08-30 01:35:00 - vz
so what r u trying to describe? sms spamming?
'coz spoofing it's just a bit different thing.. sending sms pretending to be originated from someone's else number. and this is also very easy to accomplish..

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Total 37 comments
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