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How a Computer Virus Can Get You Fired - or Worse

Date: March 19, 2007
Source: technews

Last year, a substitute teacher named Julie Amero was teaching classes when her computer started displaying X-rated adware. The system Back up your business with HP's ProLiant ML150 Server - just $1,299. was running Norton Antivirus, but it was a year out of date. She not only got fired, but also has been charged with a number of crimes that probably will make it impossible for her to get another teaching job. I actually thought this was a hoax initially, but there is enough coverage -- including by McAfee -- to suggest it isn't.

Now, in court, she was asked why she didn't turn off the computer, and why she didn't at least close the lid, and her inability to answer -- and the fact that she changed her story from one blaming the kids to one blaming viruses -- got her convicted. She wasn't believed. Then this letter showed up on the Web, suggesting she told the truth.

It got me to think back on when I was a kid and we had a substitute teacher. There was one class where all of us were insane -- I was actually one of the comparatively quiet ones, which if you knew me at the time, says a lot about what we were like.

We had a competition as to how fast we could either get the substitute to cry or call for help. It was like a mob mentality. If this computer had been in that class, the dirty pictures would have been the least of the problems.
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