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Al-Qaeda declares electronic jihad

Date: February 19, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Andrey Belousov

Al-Qaeda prepares new cyber attacks on national infrastructure of the USA.

As is well known "Abu-Nafsa Brigade", a unit of Al-Qaeda terrorism network, admitted its responsibility for the most scaled in the USA energetic disaster. It was stated that "Quick Flash" operation was performed by order of Osama bin Laden on purpose to undermine American economy. Cascade electricity supply cessation in the US was Usama's present to Iraqi people.

American intelligence says that new cyber attacks are prepared aiming critical and vulnerable elements of national infrastructure of the USA, and also it is considering opportunity of "Electronic jihad" reanimation.

Robert Hutchings, National Intelligence Council chairman informed about it in his report to International Security Association, which was published at National Intelligence Council website.

Why shouldn't we be afraid of ben Laden, when representatives of American governmental structures and experts in fighting cyber crimes having repeated overall electricity supply break in New York, came to a not comforting conclusion. On their opinion cyber terrorists can use such scenario for striking USA.

Well-known American analyst and anti-terror specialist Steve Emerson also thinks that terrorists had already analyzed situation connected to electricity break in North-East of the USA in 2003 year. "It was a great training for Al-Qaeda. They look at it and see that is it possible", Emerson says.

There is only one thing we should add to conclusions of experts: Islamic Al-Qaeda group displays peculiar interest to high tech weapon, including the Internet. Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed's, founder of "Jama'at Al-Muhajiroun" group and Usama ben Laden's representative from international Islamic front "Jihad against Jew and crusaders", in his interview to «Monday with Computerworld» said that all types of technological means including the Internet are examined now in view of their application in large-scale war against West. This public statement of Al Qaeda followers about planning new cyber attacks is not the first.

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