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Cybercrime in Estonia

Date: September 18, 2007

With 'cyber attacks' are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, Estonian lawmakers are considering amendments to the penal code that would put such online offenses on a par with terrorism, the daily Postimees reported Sep. 17.

A computer attack would become an act of terrorism when committed with the same aims as a conventional act of terrorism. Under existing law, crimes of terror are crimes whose goal is to seriously upset or destroy the country's political, constitutional, economic or social order.

Crimes of terrorism are punishable by between 5 years and life (25 years) in jail.

The Estonian Ministry of Justice began drafting the amendments after the cyber attacks that targeted Estonia's government agencies, major banks and newspapers in April and May. The current laws deal with computer crime as something that has personal or financial gain as the final aim, which was not the case with the spring attacks against Estonia's IT infrastructure.
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