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Discussion : NBI exasperated over delay of cybercrime bill, hits CICT

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2009-01-14 23:02:49 -
what's the latest on cybercrime bill? what are the sanctions of people involved in the cybersex business?

2008-04-21 22:54:01 -
I never heard through my colleagues and other IT Security friends this Google group mention here that the Draft for this Cybercrime bill is open for comments. Is the group public or private?

I can't even find the group of cict twg in google group. What's the name of the group please?

2008-04-21 07:08:21 -
is NBI in the congress technical working group? sinu-sino po ang nandun? may representation po ba yung mga may kinalaman?

2008-04-21 06:23:27 -
where can the public see this and can participate by giving inputs? is the groups open to public? which version was submitted to congress? does this incorporate the inputs from the people who participated in cybercrime summit mentioned in the article? who and which groups participated? thank you.

2008-04-19 06:06:03 -
the draft cict incorporating council comments to the house un-numbered bill is with the house of representatives technical working group and been posted and emailed to twg team for several weeks, awaiting your me.
professor natus rodriguez
twg-ict house comm on cybersecurity/cybercrime

2008-04-19 05:58:14 -
informal draft of cict with us ,team on cyber crime/security : kindly email your direct comments to <>
thank you.
prof natus rodriguez
cong head executive assistant
congressional TWG:cybercrime/security
ICT committee House of Representatives

2008-04-19 05:51:06 -
Question :a video on the Utube has been posted of a gay guy undergoing rectal surgery- question : is this a cyber crime ? Answer :his immediate recourse is to file a suit against the hospital videoing and posting the same.

cict draft on proposed un-numbered bill cybersecurity/cybercrime been posted on cict twg google groups for comments for several weeks , awaiting palmer mallari's action which he can constructively work on by accessing the legislative technical working group assisting the house committee on ict: accessible to RECEIVE TECHNICAL COMMENTS .

Total 7 comments
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