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Discussion : What is cyber-terrorism?

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2008-11-20 10:39:48 - Riki Tiki Tavi
Who authored this page? They need to take a course on improving writing skills. Cyber terrorism is real but the damage it causes is usually not physical, rather, servers can be flooded and websites shut down. This was evident in Poland and Georgia just recently if you recall, and they both blamed Russia for the event.
The term cyber-terrorism is broad and the definition is still being worked out but I am sure we will be seeing more of this type of crime in the future. It is still badass though!!

2008-02-01 20:26:52 - apParent
Whilst perusing the various websites looking for cybercrime and cyberabuse info for our PTF organization, I came across this page on cyber-terrorism. It really seems as if all these cybercreeps are jobless scum of the earth.

2006-12-04 12:30:58 -
Cyber terrorism is the sh*t. It is so mch fun thats wat i do on my wkends, if we take it away wat wil i be able 2 do on my spare time from not play Halo.....yeah answer me that ?? jeeves!!

2006-11-06 05:12:30 -
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2005-09-02 21:15:06 -
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2004-12-06 21:13:54 -
Terrorism provokes fear, causes death/physical violence. But it also has a political element. People must not get confused with hackers and criminals being terrorists. Although they may cause harm they usually do not have an ideological motive. Since only two actual critical infrastructure attacks have only occurred I do not know why people are worried about it. The attacks were not carried out by terrorists but a disgruntled employee in Queensland who polluted public water ways with sewage and the other attack was a teenage hacker. Doomsday scenarios which are repeatedly forced into our faces by the over exaggerating media and US government have based their scenarios on theoretical analysis, unreliable historical and statistical evidence. Look at the Department of Energy think tanks and Science Journals. Empirical evidence is required that terrorists are actually recruiting hackers or plotting the downfall of critical infrastructures. To be honest with the unreliable computer systems I don’t think a terrorist would be bothered to launch an attack on a critical infrastructure. It would cost too much and the technical expertise required getting past security and human checks would have to be phenomenal. I think the US have learnt from 911 not to be complacent anymore.

2004-10-23 19:22:31 -
Well, experts in the field have stated that the type of viral and worm attacks we have received throughout the past 5 years would have been, with a few modifications, powerful enough to cause a fatal crash in millions of computers world wide. That's banking, records, digital money, etc. The only thing that has prevented such a disaster is the intent of the hackers who commit these crimes. No experienced hacker so far has been set on destroying the global economy. The Sobig worm and its variants have really been just pranks by a skilled minority of computer geeks only set on creating a nuisance rather than a global catastrophe. If one nutjob working for say al-Qaeda really wanted to and had the technical skill, they could cost the world a lot of pain of suffering or at the very least, another annoying 5 billion dollar loss in productivity for developed nations.

2004-09-26 19:48:57 -
Isn't cyber-terrorism a myth? Has anyone been killed by cyberterrorism. It is too costly for interdispersed terrorist groups to sabotage critical infrastructure nodes such as the SCADA systems which electronically control many of the water, gas and oil valves. The only 'cyberterrorism' I have heard off is where terrorists have used the internet for communicating, recruiting and propaganda.

2004-07-28 01:52:30 -
I feel cyber terrorism once on the net anyone can press a button just through a cell phone millions miles away and destroy the United States or any country in particular. Since, the net is also on cell phones, all a terrorist has to do is plant a bomb or bombs and be million of miles away and just with one press of button a country or state be in disaster. Cyber-Terrorism from what I have read is very hard to detect terrorist. I understand they seem to have alot of interest in technologies today and try to understand and how to actually build. I feel the law should make companies that have computer or phone companies actually watch for terrorist infiltrating the companies and laws become more strict whether people like it or not.

2004-04-21 02:37:11 -
WOOOOOO! Cyber-Terrorism ROCKS!

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