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Discussion : Australia ranks fifth in hacking

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2005-09-17 19:25:01 -
Your site is realy very interesting.

2005-09-01 21:56:47 -
Good blog

2005-08-01 15:03:16 -
I respect the will and freedom of the individual. However, while one element finds a high degree of intellectual stimulation in overcoming security obstacles in commercial sites strictly for the pleasure in their ability to "beat the system", there is a more malicious element doing the same thing for more nefarious reasons. Their goal? Financial gain.

It may be medical records, records of people in financial dire straits, your credit card details, etc. In other words, THEY are not stimulated by being more intelligent as they usually ARE more intelligent. They do it for money.

How do you know your own computer is not being hacked for the information you might have that would make their job easier? Bet you would become pretty incensed if it happened to you. But then again, it is not unusual for a person who thinks they are intelligent to become angry when they discover that it is their very attitude that has caused themselves to be compromised in the first place.

And by coincidence, if these black-hats secured information that hurt you or your family, would you still hsve the same righteous attitude?

2004-03-24 15:17:35 -
Real hacker's do not crash private owned computer systems. Thats the job of the untrained "Script kiddie" ie. Someone who how access to hacking sites and have downloaded a hacking file for misuse. The real hacker's of this world exploit programs find the weak spots and make that program free for the world.. The way it once was and the way it should be. We are hacker's you may stop just a few of us but you will never stop us all.

Total 4 comments
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