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Discussion : The Internet - danger to children

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2010-03-10 11:21:22 -
This is very supportive!!! Thy should d that kind of stuff in Other countries, cities, and states.

2008-09-26 04:12:17 -
I liked the article very much! This is indeed a serious problem. You should write an article with general principles for the parents. The AWAKE! magazin for October 2008 (it is a publication of Jehovah's Witnesses) has a similar subject. I was very impressed because it describes to the parents what exactly are things like email, chat, blog and many more, why they are popular and what must a parent know about them, thus making it more easy for them to have control over their children's internet habits. For example, having the computer in a common view, or setting administrative restrictions, but most of all, spending time with the child and explain in detail everything about the use of internet, positive and negative, because today children don't need a PC to access the www.

Total 2 comments
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