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Discussion : Child porn seizure 'biggest ever'

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2005-12-05 19:24:30 -
i love little kids

2005-09-02 21:36:04 -
u should give us more info

2005-07-15 11:07:34 -
i like big testis

2005-04-15 05:38:23 - none
Yes, chop it off. Than search for another Devel betwen the rows. Out of hundred, pay a Victim with Millions of Dollars for being innocently castrated.

Wake up, pals. Its a crime, it should be punished, but these peoples are not from Mars, but humans out of our society, where it comes from. Only punishing is not really solving the problem. Take it by the root.

2005-03-29 01:33:04 -
i want to see porn!

2005-03-03 06:13:46 - fnlafbna'sfb

2005-02-13 18:19:52 - Not as Naive as the last poster
"Why judge people without the facts?"

Uh, did you not read the bloody article? Talk about being stupid...

The police SEIZED MATERIAL EVIDENCE proving what these eight men were involved in! Or is that simply too much truth for you to handle (i.e., confirmation bias)?

Get over yourself and your naivety and say something far more intelligent next time!


2005-01-31 19:34:14 - you sound monsters too
Are you people human? Or just stupid?

You don't even know what these suspects have done, what specific things are shown in this particular porn material. How can you know, without looking at it for yourself? And you are making such judgements about people, based on one phrase which says it is the "most heinous acts...ever seen by members of the unit" Maybe the members of that police unit are all virgin nuns.

Why judge people without the facts? It makes you feel good, but it makes you look stupid. I know you mean well, and you might be good people (and desperate to prove you are so good), but I never met a good and decent person who wanted to mutilate and rape other people. Such evil acts you want to do, they sound like what the sick and evil pychos do to the kids - you must be similar to them.

"cut thier peckers off"
"chop off there testis"
"lock them up with the gayest prisoners"

I would not want sick and sadistic people like you to get anywhere near my kids.

2005-01-20 00:15:39 -
I think that these guys are sick i mean what is so cool about young teens. There are older girls for that.But as for their punishment i think they need to locked up with the gayest prisoners ever and lock them with them for like ten years. Then when they finally get out never let them have computers again.

2005-01-19 11:29:49 -
Chop of there testis so they are this if painful and very unforgotten. This may stop it in the future with others.

2005-01-18 23:57:55 -
Unleash these monsters to prisoners and let them have there way way with these sick people. I say cut thier peckers off.

2005-01-18 22:27:27 -
If found guilty, have them treated to correct their deviant behaviour before incarcerating and definitely before relase.

Jail time cannot cure drug, alcoohol or sexual abuse problems. Whether you accept their behaviour as a treatable illness or simply an illegal behavour problem, the symptoms must never be allowed to affect others again.

Total 12 comments
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