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Discussion : Internet scam mastermind jailed

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2005-12-30 02:38:46 - Eneas
How do you get an army of 2000 000 zombie computers???
This guy had too much time in his hands.
Hope somebody cut them in prision.

2005-12-22 08:35:47 -
i wan't u to ask this guy that if he was that smart why his ass is rollin in jail. and tell him he is just a dick head and stupid a realmastermind don't get cought..

2005-12-11 15:34:27 -
He should have gotten 6 years just for threatening police officers, then continute to add more time on for all the people he has ripped off. Courts are much to lienent over the "pond" What does he have to do threaten a judge to get more of a reaction?

2005-11-20 16:29:17 -
i am surprised he did not get more than 6 yrs in prison.
however , he is NOT out of prison yet .

2005-11-20 16:10:12 -
i think he should have gotten more than 6 yrs
in prison .
oh well , he is NOT out of prison yet -
they may kill him in prison , hopefully .


2005-11-17 05:29:48 - joe
that dude is sick

2005-11-17 05:29:37 - joe
that dude is sick

Total 7 comments
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