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Job fraud online

Date: September 17, 2007
Source: THE STAR

Several readers have asked me how reliable the home-based jobs advertised in the newspapers are.

One of them related her experience: “I responded to an ad which offered a home-based data entry job with an attractive salary. I could earn RM300-RM500 per week! So I went for the interview and was ‘selected’.

“Later the company asked me for registration and documentation fees, which amounted to RM110. They promised to give me the assignment after a week.

“After the week passed, I called and was told the job was not available, and that I had to wait another week. I called every week after that, but they kept giving me the same reason. I knew I had been cheated.

“I went for another interview with a forex trading company for a data entry job at home. I sat for the ‘training’ to test my mathematical skills. They later tried to convince me to invest in forex trading through their company.
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