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Discussion : AMD sues Intel

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2007-05-27 21:04:04 - Vinny
I agree 150% with Dave R. AMD and ATI for life.

2006-12-02 18:21:05 - X2 5000
Wow. I found this thread after doing some research about folding @ home. I really like the fact that I can "donate" unused cycles to a good cause and I was in the process of turning on "ADVANCED OPTIONS" when I came across this little gem - a compiler checking capabilities? - Sure, go ahead. But making sure your running the "good fellas" chips is unreal, unethical and un(EXPLETIVE DELETED) American. I hope AMD gets awarded this one - in spades. Further, I think Intel ought to "Donate" some manpower to patch the compilers over at FAH so the code runs optimized code if SSE is available.

2005-07-18 15:06:16 -
I think that those of you who support intel should be ashamed!! Let's think this over, I'm not sure how many court cases AMD has brought against intel over the years butI do know they have atleast 95% of them if not 100% of them! What does this mean??? To me this means is on the border of being a mafia type company!!! They bully everyone into only buying their second rate product. I'll tell you right now so you know who is typing this. I hate intel alot more then even microsoft,yes even more then microsoft!! How can you intel lovers like a company that had to have class action suit brought against them to fix their processor the origional pentium processor that literal couldn't handle 2+2??? The other part of that was they didn't fix all the problems with the chip only the ones that they were forced to by the companies that sued them. What weren't they forced to fix as I remember .. anyone can add others here but the main one is the IDE extenions in the pentium, and everyone should know that is what controls your hard disks and cd/dvd drives etc, why weren't the companies concerned about that problem? because they used and most still do use SCSI hardware which is cpu omissive, meaning SCSI hard doesn't need the cpu at all SCSI is controled by it's own controler chip. I kinda wonder if they ever fixed it... I do so enjoy watching intel going to court because I know it will be another victory for AMD, of which I am a shareholder, all I can say is don't come crying to us AMD lovers when you figure we are right and want to sell your intel stock we don't want it!!!

Total 3 comments
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