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Discussion : E-mail and Internet involving scams

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2006-07-27 13:36:31 - TL
I recieved a check from the company. I opened up a dummy account so that I could cash the check to see if it is legitimate. So I will wait and see if the check bounces.

2006-06-23 23:11:14 -
I got the same e-mail form Imed also and I question the legitamacy as well. Anybody sign their contract and started working for them? Make any money?

2006-06-23 20:42:12 -
I recieved the same email and would also like to know if it is legit.

2006-06-22 01:26:33 -
want to know if this imed job offer is legit or a scam could you let me know right away please thanks steve

2006-06-21 02:22:04 -
my wife recently got a job offer from "IMED" all i want to know is if it is legit

2006-06-06 14:27:47 -
I received the following and believe it is a scam.

Dear Candidate,

We will never ask you for bank name, bank account number, routing number, credit card, passwords, ssn number etc. If anyone asks for those on our behalf please do not give out this info. This is to ensure that you will not be the victim of an identity theft case.

Before we start you have to understand what our company is looking for and if you feel that this type of job is good for you follow the instructions below this introduction. If you have one free hour daily (not including weekends) you are welcome to join today. Our job is a flextime, flex-place opportunity designed to fit around your family's income and time needs. You can earn from $50,000 up to $200,000 a year (depends on our sales) and more after one year working with us. Our company can guarantee $5,500 every month income in your first year of work.

Here you have the description of this job in simple steps:

1. You agree and sign the contract, send us your full name and postal address.

2. In 4-5 days after you have agreed to work for us you will start to receive checks/money orders/cashier checks made on your name from our customers in U.S. and Canada. Our customers use hospital funds and the checks are always covered. The payments are made for our products and services which have already been delivered.

3. You cash the checks/money orders/cashier checks at your bank using your pre-established account.

4. You deduct the 10% commission from the total amount of the check or money order that you receive and cash.

5. You send the remaining 90% minus transfer fees to our company as per our instructions to one of our offices. We have offices in almost all of Europe; we will instruct you where to send the balance. This means that the funds will not always be sent to our headquarters in U.K. You will not make the transfer on our company name. One of our employees will be the receiver for the funds. The methods we use for transferring funds are: wire transfers, money transfers, checks and money orders. Depending on our needs we will instruct you to send the funds using one of those methods.

6. After one month has passed since you signed the contract you will receive your first salary.

IMED is a privately owned company founded in 1924. The business is based in London at the heart of the UK motorway network and has developed from its origins, producing surgical needles, into a major business servicing the global healthcare market.

Today, IMED is building on the company's strong tradition for product research and development and is developing into one of the UK's leading healthcare groups. The company has developed and markets products in the growing areas of sports medicine, spinal surgery and biomaterials and has an established international distribution base across Europe, America and the Far East.

2006-05-20 00:11:42 -
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Total 7 comments
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