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Carders again

Date: February 17, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Two carders that managed to withdraw more that 300 000 RUR (~ $10 000) from ATMs of Moscow banks, using counterfeit credit cards were detained by officers of Moscow Police Department, "MK" informs.

According to law enforcement information, security service of one of large Moscow banks first caught sight of these suspicious men in December 2003. They showed up by different ATMs. Each time they inserted new cards and checked account or withdrew sums of 100-200 USD. Swindlers had made several tens of such operations till the beginning of February 2004. It appeared that young men withdrew money with help of so called "white" plastic. These are factory blanks of credit cards with plotted magnetic strips. Swindlers use special devices, often hand-made, for placing accounts' owners data on these strips. Frequently such information is stolen from people using cards for payments abroad. Then criminals transmit this data through mafia channels or the Internet to fraudsters that will withdraw money. Such situation happened this time too. The couple even glued special tapes on the cards and they looked like original cards, so that casual witnesses would not suspect something wrong.

Young people were arrested right in their apartments. Also investigation has video records, shot by monitoring cameras, besides material evidence. These records confirm the fact of crime.

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