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Ukrainian police reaches the Internet

Date: February 17, 2004
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Finport Technologies Company developed and commissioned information monitoring system for the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the basis of Web-Observer.
This system is designed for operative informing of the lead of Ministry of Internal Affairs about critical publications in mass media, tracking down information on topical events in Ukraine and CIS, observing problematic issues on the activity of Ministry, its structural divisions, regional, local and district Internal Affairs Offices, state of public opinion about police activity.

According to PR Center of the Ministry, Ukrainian police pay much attention to mass media announcements, responding to citizens? appeals, law violation. It helps to produce a sound image of law enforcement system. At the same time modern IT application will allow to increase significantly their efficiency.

At the moment more than 300 central and regional information sources are followed. It is about 90% of national segment of the Internet, experts assert. Besides, monitoring system delivers on-the-fly information published in the most influential Russian and world mass media.

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