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Discussion : Negros doc warns vs. email hackers

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2010-04-10 20:03:15 - V. T
I also had the same problem, my Yahoo email account was hacked, they locked me out of my account, and i was alerted by my brother just hours after they gained access to it, an he told me what he had recieved in his email supposedly from me. It said almost the same thing that this woman's did. I was supposedly been mugged in London, and the officials were not helping 100%, and that i needed money to get home with. They sent it out to everyone on my friends list of emails, and then deleted all the friends emails they had used, I called Yahoo email accounts in california and they were very helpful in verifying my account asking security questions and told me that they had almost 2 to 3 compaints a day to this same hacking scam. That the scammers are in london and our FBI in the US cannot legally do anything because of border restrictions, which make the hackers free and clear of anything they do. I hope this scam stops before someone is really financially injured.

Total 1 comments
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