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Discussion : Fake FBI guy arrested by real deal

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2007-10-22 23:45:00 -
Fake FBI agent, Fake Investigation, Evidence room property turning up in local pawn shop.

2007-10-20 07:12:49 -
Mark Rizzo, you are not worth the enormous amount of ground you stand on. I always knew you were a phony, I certainly didn't need this scandal to verify it. This article doesn't even mention that you used to pass yourself off as a former made man in an organized crime family that had a hit taken out on him. You called yourself the CEO of Freedom flyer ministries. Well I guess that is true because clearly you are a C ross E yed O gre. I prayed for you after your heart attack. The fact that you had one is no suprise you treat your body like Michael Vick treats dogs. Also it is no secret you have an eating disorder, when you finish eating DIS-order you eat DIS-order. You put you belt on with boomerang, and your belt size is "equator". When/if I ever see you again, I will walk up to you, introduce myself to you, and punch you in your enormous face. That's right, right in the face. You nearly ruined my life. Remember Mark, my fist...your face.
Malachi 2:3

2007-06-15 00:05:08 -
does anybody know how his arrest has affected the certification obtained through freedom flyer ministries? it was endorsed by the american correctional association and the national sheriffs association.

2007-02-24 02:36:12 -
I attended two teen camps in Washington State where Mark was the main speaker, both as a parent and as a youth leader. Mark's preaching was right on the money, at least the Bible part was. It's sad that he felt the need to pad his resume and juice up his stories when the message would have been just as strong without them. But God says that His Word will not return void. He makes no such promise about man's stories. God used Mark despite himself to have a big impact on many of the kids, including mine. For that I must be grateful to God. Since learning about Mark's fall from grace, I have discussed it with my now grown and nearly grown children. It was a good opportunity to talk about grace and forgiveness. How can I not forgive Mark when Jesus has forgiven me for so much more. I hope He can salvage his life and still serve Christ. Perhaps he could be a speaker again, and tell his real story, about the price of deceit, and the price of forgiveness. Semper Fidelis.

2007-02-20 20:12:21 -
I Know Mark and his wife and since this has happened he has paid the price of his actions. No one has to worry about him doing this again. He has spent the last year trying to just make a living and dealing with health issues. What he did know and I can say really well is about the bible and what it means to be saved and why you need a savior to get to heaven. I forgave him for his actions because that what the bible tells me to do He needs our prayers as well as his wife. Being a Police Captain y self and believeing Mark when I met him in NJ I was upset at first but forgave him.

2007-02-05 09:09:24 -
This guy fooled a lot of people. Does anyone know if any of the other claims he made were true? Was he ever a marine and fought in Viet Nam? Was he ever a police officer, and does anyone know if he really went to college? I would be interested in finding out before he dupes other people.

2006-11-03 07:53:13 -
Yes, we'er all saints aren't we? I don't walk on water, heal sick people, or have the gift of prophecy. I do know Mark is just like the rest of us for neither can he do any of the things I mentioned but he and I both know someone who can and that same someone can forgive when others can't. Isn't Christ forgiveness the one that really counts? Christ also forgets.
(a friend in law enforcement who was uplifted by Mark's efforts a couple years ago and I will never forget it)

2006-05-17 01:39:29 -
I was on the internet looking for Mark & Linda to write to them because they always encouraged me as a teen! What happened? Is Mark an Linda in some sort of trouble? I went to church in Magnolia New Jersey where they came to be youth pastor an wife to the teens! Can someone write me at my email an let me know whats going on with Mark!!! thanks

2005-11-28 22:46:31 - Delmont
"FAILING TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES..." Give me a break, please!!!!! You are excusing a grown man for years and years of lies and deception, repeatedly breaking the law he allegedly had so much respect for. Mark Rizzo passed his "second" chance several chances ago. You must be doing the same thing yourself and wanting to be excused. Sounds like Mark's good old friend, SM Davis, in Lincoln, Illinois, or some of his cult.

2005-10-25 23:19:04 - I know him
Anon, yes you are right. BUT he has RUINED a ministry with being able to go into Jail. Not only was Mark Rizzo NOT allowed back into the jail ministry but also every person who worked with freedom Flyers. Mark Rizzo HURT the cause of Christ! It has been several years and we are just being able to get back into the jails to minister to the prisoners.

You can choose your sin, but you CANNOT choose your consequences.

2005-10-02 22:36:40 - ANON
He really does have a wife named Linda. And he really did impact alot of people's lives with his expertise and knowledge. I believe his desire to help rehabilitate criminals/or prisoners/or repeat offenders was a very genuine desire. He was a very dynamic and knowledgeable speaker and teacher. It is sad to see and hear about good guys "failing to make right choices"., because it always has a negative affect on many many people. However, who of us has never made a wrong choice or decision? I wonder how many have never been caught......if anyone is free of committing any wrong act, let him cast the first stone. He doesn't need another stone thrown at him, he needs the prayers of those who knew him and benefitted from his knowledge and teaching. We all have the freedom to repent and to seek God's forgiveness for our sins, even Mark many of you readers have done that......God is still on His Throne of Justice...He stopped Mark from continuing in his deception in order to give him a chance to repent. Don't we all want a second chance???

2005-09-01 23:01:58 - Anon
He really does have a daughter, her name is Trina and lives in Chicago

2005-08-15 03:19:00 - I used to go to church with him
I used to go to church with him @ a Baptist church in bolingbrook....He always gave me the creeps! I am glad that he was found out! I always thought that there was something "not right" about him!

2005-08-02 19:19:23 -
We've finally posted our June story about Mark Rizzo at:

2005-06-22 00:40:45 - Someone who knows Mark
I too like the Indiana Sheriff recieved an award at one of the Banquet's. Glad I never hung it in my home. I did'nt think I deserved it to begin with.

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