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Discussion : Child porn case: city manager charged

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2005-10-22 11:51:13 -
I agree that the privacy of individuals should be respected. Also, the ban on child pornography is based on the erronous idea that children are not sexual. However, most studies find that children are indeed sexual, and most are sexual frustrated by "morals" imposed on them. As long as sex is consensual, age should not be a matter.

2005-06-06 23:27:05 -
I read a lot of articles about child pornography and
more and more I've come to the decision that people
who mean well have stepped over the consitutional
rights of not only Americans, but freedom loving
people all over the world.
The bottom line is if any of you are violating the
privacy rights of someone who is excercising their
ability to view any material in the privacy of their
own homes and public libraries, you really have commited a crime yourself against our consitution, and
our bill of rights and it is if you mock what our
country stands for and that is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR
Lets LEGALIZE child pornogaphy and all other forms of
material so that liberty and justice for all is not
just hollow words from the lips of the police and the
FBI, but something that's real!!!!!

God bless the United States of America

Paul Wesley Gannello

Total 2 comments
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