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Discussion : Hacking into US military computer networks

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2009-06-12 09:07:56 -
i love barack o bumma

2006-10-11 21:34:00 -

2006-10-11 21:33:34 -
i dont like bush

2006-10-11 21:33:03 -
i hate bush he is the worst president

2006-10-11 21:32:28 -
bush is a ass hole

2006-05-15 15:41:41 -
Gary had no problem getting in, as these were inscure sites with no passwords...he also left a message asking about why there was no security for 9/11, questioning or stating that it looked like a military standdown. He did not do any malicious damage, although he might have done if he were really a bad person.
The 9/11 question is why the US here has tried so hard to silence him. He may have seen something that implicated them, or they may fear that this is the case.
Asking questions about 9/11 gets a lot of people nervous. Why, if there is nothing to hide here?
Earlier this year, Mike Zebuhr, a top honours graduate student at Clemson, was with his mother and sister when they were approached and asked for money. His mother complied. The two armed assailants then, as they were leaving with her purse, turned and shot Mike twice fatally in the head.
The two killers then got into a car driven by a woman, who led the police on a high speed chase. When apprehended, the police let the two armed men simply walk of them was named James Walker.
Is this the usual police procedure in the US, or is there something suspicious here? I think so.
As to Gary, he is not the hacker monster the US gov paints him as, he is just like Mike Zebuhr. Another voice, like Woody Harrelson, Charlie Sheen, Morgan Reynolds, John Kaminski, Ed Asner, etc., questioning 9/11.

Total 6 comments
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