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Surge in high-tech crime

Date: March 15, 2007

The Medford and Central Point police departments have teamed up to combat the surge in high-tech crime plaguing Jackson County.

The agencies announced Wednesday the creation of a High-Tech Crimes Task Force that will work out of Central Point's police station.

They hope the task force, which now constitutes one detective from each agency, will continue to grow as the need for computer forensics increases.

"We believe this is the wave of the future," Central Point police Chief Jon Zelif said. "You have to be very aggressive in going after Internet crime to keep the public safe."

Think of it as the digital version of the Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team (JACNET). But instead of chasing down drug dealers, the High-Tech Task Force will combine local law enforcement to fight computer crimes such as identity theft, child pornography and cyberstalking.
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