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Discussion : Was your PC accessed by a hacker? Survey

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2010-04-03 07:20:37 -
David Freer is a big liar. He lied to me for more than two and half years and kept saying I am the only one in his life. Even this year on Feb. 2, he used company line to lead me to have phone sex with him. Until I found out there’s some other woman, he made up another lie and finally admitted he’s been living with her for a year. Later, I realised they were all lies. He actually has married March 2009. And now he just totally disappearred and not answering any phone calls, acting like “hit & run” irresponsible baby. Can you trust someone like this, with no ethics and integrity?

2009-03-04 01:37:15 -
Hi , thanks alot for this artical
Could you please send me the copy of the survey because i have project and i need it.


Total 2 comments
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