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Internet fraud hits city account

Date: January 15, 2005
Source: The Daily Times
By: Clarice Doyle

PRYOR - When undocumented charges to a vendor noted as Web Transaction Service, a billing company for Internet-based companies, appeared on the City's bank ledger during a routine review, City Treasurer Lois Thompson knew something wasn't right.

Thompson said she discovered four charges in December and at least two this month.

The charges, for access to what is thought to be pornography sites, totaled about $190.

"That amount has since been credited back to the city's bank account," Thompson said. The account is located at RCB Bank.

"I called WTS and the bank and asked how we could guard against it, and they said there was nothing we could do but watch," Thompson said. "Normally they close out the account, but we can't do that due to things like transients and payroll."

Mayor Jimmy Tramel said they will continue to exercise due diligence in watching city funds.

"We always go over the bank ledger and bank statement with a fine tooth comb," Tramel said.

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