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Discussion : Phishing strikes eBay

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2006-10-23 11:41:33 - is just as bad as the phishers. I bought antispyware software from the company when I was unfortunate enough to have a PC. Now I have an Apple Mac I now longer need this software. I also changed my internet provider and have a new email address.
eBlocs has been taking money out of my credit card account without my authorisation but I can find no way of contacting them via email or on the internet because they do not recognise my new email address. The only contact they give is a telephone number and as I live in London and they're based in California it would cost me a fortune. The only thing I can do is to instruct my credit card company to take legal action against them.
PS The antispyware software didn't work anyway – so it's a double rip-off.

2005-11-21 11:17:49 -
I get the e-bay phishing e-mail at least once a week, have had them since July when I changed to Tiscali BB.
I also get them from Barclays and even Wells_fargo.
I occasionally reply by pasting into the form malware code, both windows and linux, but they seem to have limited the fields.
They are cyberterrorists and should be treated just like the real ones, two bullets in the chest, two more in the head... no Geneva Convention Crap... Exterminate...Exterminate!!!

Total 2 comments
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