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Discussion : Terrorism and high technologies

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2008-03-18 09:24:42 -
just imagine that somebody had implanted a biotelemetric chip in your brain during an uterus op and,had access to it by remote control through your computer meaning that the user name of your computer was substituted by those who inserted the chip, by the biotelemetric accesss code to your brain (language,auditorial cortex).Just imagine that some hacker invades your computer for some reason and discovers that by lodging herself in your computer she has also access to your brain in a nway that you can hear everything they say and they can hear what you say and see what you see, hear what you hear and, that after a while they find a way to penetrate in your thoughts by reading your brain waves which were transformed in radio waves so to say this chip sends and receices radio waves which at a certain point were capturedf by radio amators which got togheter with hackers and penetrated and destroyed a whole family b y sistematically torturing one of its members....
what....what do you say to that......more questions contact me i can prove it

2007-08-23 15:31:42 -

2005-09-02 01:11:58 -
Very nice

Total 3 comments
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