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Canadian approach in fighting spam

Date: March 14, 2005
By: Eric Beauchesne

Spam losing inbox battle, polls suggest
Unwanted ads start to decline; Canadians reclaim their e-mail

Canadians are finally winning the fight against e-mail spam, in part, simply by ignoring it, says a new report.

The amount of unsolicited e-mails, which had been doubling every year, declined in 2004 for the first time in four years, according to survey results released yesterday by pollster Ipsos-Reid.

In the final quarter of last year, Canadians received an average of 177 e-mails per week. Of those 87, or nearly half, were spam, according to the survey. Still far from spam-free, but an improvement over 2003, when nearly 70 per cent of the weekly average of 197 e-mails were spam.

"Prior to this, spam volumes had been doubling every year," the report said, noting that in 2001, there were only an average of 30 spam messages a week.

The pollster credits tougher anti-pornography laws, stricter guidelines governing electronic marketers, increased use of spam filters and a growing unwillingness by Canadians to open junk e-mails.

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